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Creighton has worked with numerous international organizations to spread information on public participation and dispute resolution. Here are a few examples:

Keynote address at a conference on human rights in Tocatins, Brazil

Keynote address at conference on a "culture of peace and sustainability" sponsored by King Prajadhipok's Institute, Bangkok, Thailand.

Training course for staff of the Thai Department of Mental Health, based on Thai translation of Creighton's book "How Loving Couples Fight."

Presenter at Japan Science and Technology workshop on public participation [Tokyo Tower in background]

Training course for government officials sponsored by Ehwa Womens' University School of Law, Seoul, Korea

Meeting with local residents during project setting up several hundred "telecentros" in barrios in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Instructor training class, alternative dispute resolution, Moscow, Russia and Tbiliesi, Georgia.

Public participation training for government officials, Egyptian Ministry of Water. USAID sponsorship.


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