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Agency-wide Appraisals

From time to time agencies and corporations want to evaluate how effective their organization-wide programs are for consulting with the public prior to potentially controversial issues.

Creighton has been retained to conduct a number of organization-wide appraisals of public participation programs. Some examples include:

Conducted an agency-wide assessment of BPA public involvement program. Write guide and develop training courses.

Conducted agency-wide appraisal of public involvement for US Bureau of Reclamation. Develop manual and training courses.

Conducted Division-wide appraisal of public participation program for North Pacific Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Served as a consultant to the General Accounting Office conducting agency-wide public participation appraisals for Bonneville Power Administration and Northwest Power Council

Facilitated a stakeholder advisory committee and prepare a report on how to increase integration of EPA public participation and dispute resolution activities.

Led a consultant team recommending a new public involvement framework for the US Army Corps of Engineers post-Hurricane Katrina.

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