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Guides/White Papers

We would welcome the opportunity to prepare a guide or white paper that specifically addresses topics of concern to your organization.


Creighton has written scores of reports, guides and white papers. Many of these publications required extensive research or interviewing. Some of the topics include:

  • Public participation guides

  • Socioeconomic impacts of termination of water for irrigated agriculture

  • Team formation in remote virtual teams

  • Dispute resolution reader

  • Mature use of collaboration technology

  • Asset-based community development

  • Working with Indian Tribal Nations

  • Environmental Justice and Public Participation

  • Shared vision planning case studies

  • Alternative futures planning tools

  • Risk communication strategy for emerging constituents

  • Series of guides on major dispute resolution techniques

  • Innovation in remote virtual teams

  • Cross-agency use of collaborative planning

  • Irrigated agriculture and toxic waste regulations

  • Use of alternative dispute resolution to resolve discrimination cases

  • Decision-making forums for water management

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